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Game Guardian : How to Hack/Mods Games on Android

Game modding has become popular nowadays. Every game can be modded with the help of game modding apps. You do not have to play a single game for months to complete it. You do not have to play game months to get your favorite avatar or anything in the game. Everything is possible in a game with game modding. You can get unlimited coins or gems with the help of game modding apps. There are many game modding apps available in the market like Game Killer, Lucky Patcher and much more. Today, we will talk about one of the most popular game modding apps of the smartphone platform.

Game Guardian is a game modding app that lets you hack any game. You can hack every game app available in PlayStore on Android or app store on an iOS device. You can hack anything in any game. You can hack Hill climb racing, Mario Run, Temple Run, Asphalt 8, Need for speed, Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers or any other popular game with the help of Game Guardian app. You can get unlimited weapons, unlimited coins, unlimited gems, Every car or avatar in the game can be hacked with the help of Game Guardian app. You do not have to waste months trying to get your favorite weapon or can in the game. All you have to do is to hack it with the Game guardian app in a second. Today, we will show you how can you hack games with Game Guardian app. Follow the procedure to hack games with the Game Guardian app:

Game Guardian

How to hack games with Game Guardian app

Hacking a game with Game Guardian app is straightforward. It has an easy to use interface that makes it better modding app than its alternatives. Game Guardian has been one of the best modding apps of Smartphone platform since long. Follow the procedure below to hack any game with Game Guardian app:

Download Game Guardian from a trustable website. You can download and install APK on Android phone, and you can install game guardian on an iOS device with the help of Cydia package manager.

We will hack an “xyz” game with Game Guardian app. You can apply this method to hack any game.

  • Open Game Guardian app on your Smartphone. Click on “Start GG” to start the application.
  • It will start to run in the background process of your smartphone device. You will see a floating transparent icon on your smartphone screen.
  • Open “XYZ” game and find a value to change(Coins, HP or anything).
  • Press the floating transparent icon and click on the search tab. Enter the number of coins you have right now in the search box.( you can also enter HP number or anything you want to change).
  • Now add the email servers for different countries Like Denmark should be Hotmail Log på and Italy is Hotmail Accedi.
  • Now go back to the game and buy something from coins to change the value of the coin.
  • You can gain some coins to change the value too. Now go back to game guardian icon and search again with the new value of coins you have and results will be narrowed down.
  • Repeat step 4 until you get very few results.
  • The App Might also ask for Netcut apk which will help it connect further.
  • Now long press on the result value and enter the desired value. Go back to the app and value will be changed. (Change the value of 3-4 narrowed result until your game value changes)
  • Follow the procedure on official Email ID is needed.

You can get the unlimited amount of Coins or HP by using this hack. Enjoy hacking games with the Game Guardian app.